Reach Heightened And Sustained

Levels Of Performance And Potential

Within All Life Arenas




Optimise Your Health & Happiness

Deepen Your Relationships

Advance Your Career


I Can Help... 

If you’re looking to dramatically advance your life, career, health and relationships in a sustainable way while avoiding burnout, overwhelm, and crippling fear or anxiety, then I can help.


  • Body

    Discover new ways to prime your energy, gain optimal health and find deeper levels of relaxation even in high stress environments. Learn how to reclaim your presence by getting back into your body and out of your head.


    The 30 Back To Body Yoga Challenge - With High Performance Coaching, is unlike anything on the market place.


    Hit the link at the top of the page for details.

  • Mind

    Learn a 5 step proven process to neutralise limiting beliefs, to once and for

    all put an end that inner critic, resistance, stress. fear, anxiety and or depression. 


    Learn how to consciously direct your mind to feel more confident, relaxed,

    and positively engaged.


    Reclaim Your Presence and Rediscover Non-Circumstantial Happiness 

  • Performance

    If you're tired of not getting the results you’re after and you're now ready to direct your attention towards achieving your goals and dreams, then with my guidance and your effort you will soon learn how to implement, cutting edge High Performance Habits

    and Positive Rituals, consistently over the long term.


    I will help you to Gain Greater Clarity, Generate More Energy, Demonstrate

    More Courage, Develop More Influence, Increase Productivity and Ultimately

    Live a Fully Charged Life .


    High performance living is the feeling of Full Engagement, Joy and Confidence that comes when living from your Best Self.


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I'm Keenan Crisp

Certified High Performance Coach

Rigorously trained in the highest-rated

coaching process in the world. 


Creator of Foundations For Success Coaching

Helping his clients gain Optimal Health and

Happiness in Body, Mind and Performance.


Worked With 1000's Of people

Keenan has guided thousands of people across Australia

and the World, helping them to neutralise their limiting beliefs, advance their careers, deepen their relationships, and level up their Performance and Potential across all areas of their lives.

Co-Owner Of Power Living Australia

For over 20 years Keenan has worked tirelessly to

expound the teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible way.

He has run hundreds of workshops teaching

philosophy, physiology and yoga psychology.

He has facilitated wellness retreats, teacher training's and has led

over 10,000 hours of yoga classes as a master facilitator,

within Australia and around the world.


Are You Ready To Build The Foundations For Success To

Achieve Your Fullest Potential In Every Area Of Your Life?

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What Others Have To Say About Working With Keenan...​

Without a doubt, Training with Keenan changed my life. 6 months on, and I am implementing absolutely everything I learnt and it is still having a profound impact on my life.


I feel that all resistance has left me and I am completely open to abundance, success, love and connection. I start each and every day with intention and choose how I am going to show up for myself and others. I am deeply rooted in service, contribution and making a difference and now have all the necessary skills to stay inspired and productive.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Keenan, for your wisdom, love, accountability and professionalism.


Kristin Spence


The reason why I chose to work with Keenan was because I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, snappy at home and I was unable to let things go.


Once I started the program I discovered things about myself that I had not known.


As I developed new habits and became armed with new self-empowerment tools, I started feeling better about life in general, I’ve become more relaxed at home and at work. I don’t take things as personally as I used to.


I take time to prepare for situations, hence I’m more intentional, less reactive, rather I’m more pro-active.


I’ve come a long way and am very grateful for Keenan and the process that he offers.

Giovanni Pilu


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